Kanyay! West, from Los Angeles, brings you a true classic of improv forms: The Living Room. Like a fine blended whiskey, the Living Room combines the magic of long-form improv with the fun of a best-friends hangout sesh. Also one of us might reveal something really embarrassing.

Formed in January 2012 out of a Johnny Meeks 401-level UCB class, Kanyay! West has been featured at theaters all over Los Angeles--including UCB, Second City Hollywood, The Clubhouse, and a short stint as iO West Cagematch champions, The Orange County, Chicago, San Diego, Twin Cities, Coachella, California Improv Festivals and The 16th Annual Del Close Marathon in New York. We have been coached by Nick Mandernach and Julie Brister.

Ryan and Connie are from Los Angeles, Cody is from Phoenix, Carmen is from Minneapolis, Courtney is from somewhere in Indiana, and Dan is from Yale.

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